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Milestone Contractor: In the construction world, Milestone Contractors LP stands out as a reputable enterprise known for its dedication to quality and innovation. This article aims to provide you with all the details you need to understand the full scope of Milestone Contractor’s operations, including their contact information, potential rumors about going out of business, available job positions, and so much more.

Milestone Contractor - Milestone Contractors LP
Contact InfoMilestone contractors lp phone number, address
Business StatusMilestone construction going out of business (if applicable)
EmploymentMilestone contractors lp jobs
Financial InformationMilestone Contractors net worth
Other EntitiesMilestone Contractors North Inc
Employee BenefitsMilestone Contractors Salary
LocationsMilestone asphalt plant Locations

Contact Information: How to Reach Milestone Contractors LP

The first step in doing business or seeking employment with any company is to establish contact. You can reach out to Milestone Contractors via their official phone number. Additionally, their official address is usually published on their website or other official documents for your convenience.

Milestone contractors lp phone number: Generally available on their official website or through public business directories.
Milestone contractors lp address: Also typically listed on the official website or state business records.

PO Box 421459
Indianapolis, IN 46242 | map | directions

 (317) 788-6885

3301 S CR 460 E
Lafayette, IN 47905
(765) 772-7500

824 Dillion Dr
Richmond, IN 47375
(765) 935-4231

4755 Arlington Rd
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 330-2037

3410 S 650 E
Columbus, IN 47203
(812) 579-6703

105 E Lafayette St
Portland, IN 47371
(260) 726-2762

Business Status: Is Milestone Construction Going Out of Business?

There have been various rumors circulating about the status of Milestone Construction. As of the latest information, these claims regarding Milestone construction going out of business seem to be unsubstantiated. Always check with official announcements or financial records for the most current information.

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Employment Opportunities: Milestone Contractors LP Jobs

Milestone Contractors offers various employment opportunities ranging from field jobs to corporate roles. The company typically posts its openings on its website, as well as on various job search platforms. Here you can find a variety of positions that suit your skillset and career aspirations.

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Financial Health: Milestone Contractors Net Worth

While it’s not common for private companies to disclose their net worth, various estimations can be made based on public records, completed projects, and contracts obtained. Milestone Contractors has a strong financial backing, making it a reliable partner in construction projects.

Additional Entities: Milestone Contractors North Inc

Apart from the main Milestone Contractors LP, there are other branches and subsidiaries like Milestone Contractors North Inc. These entities are often involved in specific types of projects or serve particular geographic regions.

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Employee Compensation: Milestone Contractors Salary

The company is known for offering competitive salaries, along with a range of other benefits. Milestone Contractors Salary varies from role to role but is generally aligned with industry standards, making it an attractive employer in the construction sector.

Locations: Milestone Asphalt Plant Locations

Milestone Contractors also owns several asphalt plant locations, which serve as crucial nodes in its operational network. These locations are strategically situated to facilitate the seamless flow of materials for various projects.

OSRS Ironman Construction Milestones

When delving into the realm of Gielinor in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Ironman mode, players often seek the thrill of achieving everything solo, without any external help. One of the major skills that take center stage in this endeavor is Construction. The construction skill offers a plethora of benefits and rewards as you progress. Understanding the OSRS Ironman Construction milestones is crucial to charting a successful path. This article sheds light on these milestones and what you can expect as you achieve them.

1Beginner Planks & Basic Furniture
19Oak Planks & Oak Furniture
33Hall of Heroes & Mounted Mythical Cape
52Mahogany Homes & Portal Chamber
70Gilded Altar & Marble Blocks
80Dungeon Trap & Occult Altar
99Cape of Achievement & Player’s Own House

Beginning Your Construction Journey

As soon as you step into the world of construction, the very first milestone involves working with beginner planks and crafting basic furniture. Though it might seem rudimentary, these are essential for setting up the foundation for your future endeavors.

The Transition to Oak

Reaching level 19 is a significant jump. At this point, Oak becomes the material of choice. Oak planks are not only sturdier but also provide more experience. You’ll be able to craft oak furniture which not only looks better but also offers more utility and storage.

Hall of Heroes & Mounted Mythical Cape

Upon reaching level 33, players can create their very own Hall of Heroes. This hall allows them to show off their achievements and hang up armor sets. An added bonus at this milestone is the ability to mount a Mythical Cape. Not only is this a point of pride for many players, but it’s also a functional addition to any player’s home.

Mahogany Homes & Portal Chamber

The level 52 milestone introduces players to Mahogany Homes and the Portal Chamber. Mahogany Homes offers a new way to train construction, providing tasks to renovate houses across Gielinor using mahogany planks. The Portal Chamber, on the other hand, is a significant utility addition that allows players to teleport to various locations quickly.

The Grandeur of Gilded Altar & Marble Blocks

Reaching level 70 in construction allows players to craft the coveted Gilded Altar. Not only is this altar visually stunning, but it also provides significant Prayer experience bonuses. This milestone also introduces Marble Blocks, an elegant building material for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes.

Dungeon Trap & Occult Altar

The level 80 milestone introduces the thrilling Dungeon Trap. For players who have always wanted to set up defenses and traps in their home, this is the milestone for them. Additionally, they can also construct an Occult Altar, a critical component for those looking to maximize their Magic skill.

Reaching the Pinnacle: Level 99

Achieving level 99 in construction is no small feat. Players who reach this enviable milestone can wear the Cape of Achievement, signifying their mastery. Moreover, they also gain the ability to have a Player’s Own House (POH) party, where they can invite other players to witness their architectural prowess.


How can I apply for jobs at Milestone Contractors?

Job openings are generally posted on the company’s website and other job platforms.

Is Milestone Contractors going out of business?

There’s no credible information to suggest that Milestone is going out of business as of the latest reports.

What types of projects does Milestone Contractors specialize in?

Milestone Contractors has a diverse portfolio that includes road construction, bridge construction, and other infrastructure projects.

Final Words

Milestone Contractors LP stands as a reputable name in the construction industry, backed by financial stability and a rich history of quality projects. Whether you’re considering partnering with them for a construction project, seeking employment, or merely researching the company, it’s essential to rely on credible and up-to-date information. Always consult the official website or contact the company directly for the most current details.

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