Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance: Credit cards offer a convenient way to handle everyday expenses, but they also come with a variety of features that can be useful in specific circumstances. One such feature is the ability to take a cash advance. If you’re a Milestone credit card holder, you may be wondering what the cash advance feature is and how it works. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Milestone credit card cash advances.

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance

About Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance

Before you go ahead with a cash advance on your Milestone credit card, it’s essential to understand the basics:

Point to ConsiderExplanation
Cash Advance FeeMilestone typically charges a fee for cash advances, often a percentage of the advance or a flat fee, whichever is higher.
Interest RatesCash advances usually have a higher interest rate than regular purchases.
Cash Advance LimitThere’s a limit on how much cash you can withdraw, separate from your credit limit.
Immediate AccrualInterest starts accruing immediately, unlike regular credit card purchases where you might have a grace period.
ATM AvailabilityCash advances are often available via ATMs, but some restrictions may apply.

What is a Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a service provided by many credit card companies, including Milestone, that allows you to withdraw cash up to a certain limit. This feature can be helpful in emergencies where you need cash quickly and don’t have time to go through the more time-consuming process of obtaining a traditional loan. However, it’s important to remember that cash advances come with their set of costs and limitations.

Understanding the Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance Limit

The “milestone credit card cash advance limit” is an important figure to know. This limit is usually separate from your credit card’s spending limit and is often lower. For instance, if your Milestone credit card has a credit limit of $5,000, your cash advance limit may only be $1,000. It is crucial to stay within this limit to avoid any penalties or additional fees.

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Pros and Cons of Taking a Cash Advance with Milestone Credit Card


  1. Quick Access to Funds: Cash advances provide instant access to money, which can be crucial in emergencies.
  2. Convenience: Accessible through ATMs, making it easy to withdraw money when needed.
  3. No Need for Approval: Unlike loans, there’s no approval process; if you have available credit, you can get an advance.


  1. High Costs: The fees and interest rates for cash advances are generally higher than those for regular purchases.
  2. Immediate Interest: Interest starts accruing immediately; there’s no grace period.
  3. Impact on Credit Score: Taking a cash advance can affect your credit utilization ratio, potentially impacting your credit score.

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Cash Advance Milestone Credit Card: Specifics

Milestone, like many credit card companies, offers the cash advance option. However, there are specific factors to keep in mind.

  1. Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance Limit: The cash advance limit on your Milestone credit card might differ from your credit limit for purchases. This can be based on factors like your credit history, usage patterns, and more. Ensure you’re aware of your cash advance limit to avoid potential issues.
  2. How to Access: While most ATMs facilitate cash advances, ensure the machine supports the Milestone network. Alternatively, visiting your bank and presenting your Milestone card will also allow you to avail of this service.
  3. Associated Fees: Remember to check the fees associated with cash advances on your Milestone credit card. While they can vary, being informed will help you make an educated decision.

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance Fee

The Milestone credit card cash advance fee is the cost associated with withdrawing cash from an ATM or bank using the Milestone credit card. Unlike regular purchases, cash advances don’t come with a grace period. This means interest begins accumulating immediately.

Cash Advance FeeA one-time fee charged when you withdraw cash using the credit card.
Interest on Cash AdvancesThe rate at which interest accrues on the withdrawn amount, starting from the day of the transaction.
Cash Advance LimitThe maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn, typically lower than the credit card’s spending limit.
Other ChargesAdditional fees may apply, such as ATM fees charged by the machine’s owner or the bank from which the cash is withdrawn.

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance Charges: How Do They Stack Up?

Milestone credit card cash advance charges can be quite hefty. There are primarily two components to it:

  1. Fixed Fee: This is a flat charge you pay every time you make a cash advance, irrespective of the amount.
  2. Percentage Fee: This is a percentage of the cash advance amount. If the percentage comes out to be less than the fixed fee, you will be charged the fixed fee.

To know the exact charges, it is crucial to check the card’s terms and conditions or consult the issuing bank.

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance App: A Digital Solution

In the digital age, even credit card functionalities have moved to apps. The Milestone credit card cash advance app facilitates cash advance transactions without needing a physical ATM. However, using this app still incurs the associated fees.

The app may offer:

  • Instant notifications about cash advances
  • Tracking of cash advance history
  • Relevant terms and conditions at your fingertips

Milestone Credit Card Cash Advance Requirements

To utilize the cash advance feature of the Milestone credit card, cardholders must be aware of certain requirements:

  1. Cash Advance Limit: Each card has a cash advance limit, which is usually lower than the card’s credit limit. Cardholders cannot withdraw more than this specified amount.
  2. PIN: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is essential. Without a PIN, withdrawing cash from an ATM is not possible. In case a cardholder hasn’t set or forgotten their PIN, they must contact the issuing bank.
  3. Location Restrictions: Some banks might restrict cash advances in specific countries or at particular ATMs to protect against fraud.
  4. Account Standing: A cardholder’s account must be in good standing. If there are any defaults or overdue payments, cash advance services might be temporarily suspended.


How do I take a cash advance from my Milestone credit card?

You can usually take a cash advance through an ATM using your Milestone credit card and PIN. Alternatively, you can request a cash advance through a bank teller.

What fees are associated with a Milestone credit card cash advance?

Typically, you’ll pay a fee that is either a percentage of the cash advance or a flat rate, whichever is higher. Additionally, ATM or bank fees may apply.

Is a cash advance the same as a regular credit card purchase?

No, cash advances and regular credit card purchases are treated differently. Cash advances usually have higher fees and interest rates, and interest begins accruing immediately.

Can I pay off my cash advance balance separately?

No, payments made to your Milestone credit card will typically go towards your minimum payment first, then to balances with lower APRs before balances with higher APRs like cash advances.

Final Words

While a cash advance from your Milestone credit card can provide quick access to funds in an emergency, it’s important to use this feature wisely. High fees, immediate accrual of interest, and a separate, often lower, cash advance limit are important factors to consider. Always read the terms and conditions associated with your credit card’s cash advance feature to make an informed decision. If used judiciously, a cash advance can be a useful tool, but misuse can lead to financial hardship.

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